Our Story

The Soul of Our Service is The Empowerment of Micro Filipino Businesses through Affordable & Professional Graphic Design.

250 Pesos Design is a unique creative design studio that is born in the height of the pandemic. Our team’s focal virtues are rooted on passion, resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness. At the core of the Filipino spirit, these are also the congruent traits that you can distinctively find.

At the heart of our work is our genuine mission to offer affordable graphic design services that can cater to the needs of emerging entrepreneurs, who planted seeds of hope to thrive amidst this global health crisis. The pandemic has immensely shaken the economy and has unexpectedly changed our ways of living but with grit and determination to adapt to the new normal, majority tried to jump in to the current wave of micro and online businesses. This is where our vision came to life.

Our main purpose is to share our design expertise to those who have concrete branding ideas for their business but are economically challenged and financially disadvantaged to avail expensive creative service packages. We are here for the dreamers who have locked their sight on their goal to succeed but have barely enough funds to commence. Dreamers fancy on living happily ever after in their own castle, and we are here to help them put up the bricks together until they turn their dream into reality.

Our team is energized by warm cups of coffee and we brew your ideas while sipping our favorite lattè. Composed of freelancers, stay-at-home moms, and house husbands, our team members have learned the ropes of the work-from-home set-up way before the pandemic happened. Leveraging the power of technology, we’ve built our design studio at the comfort of our homes. As we manage to trim down our expenses, it is feasible for us to offer the most affordable and most uncostly design package possible. Enjoying affordable graphic design rate does not mean that you’ll get less than what you deserve. In delivering the desired creative material, our pool of graphic designers always make sure that we incorporate even the teeny-weeny ideas of the client. Whenever you ask about the quality of our work, just think of how much we love coffee and that translates to how much we love our clients – and the work we do.

250 Pesos Design’s sense of mission goes beyond the creative value of our job. Our eyes are not just fixated on tones, colors, and other aesthetics but we also zoom in to where we can lend our talents that can lift others up. During this time where most people are struggling and still coping, we wanted to use our God-given creative skills to empower, uplift, and open more doors for others to thrive.

The future is uncertain, but just as we make a wish when the clock strikes at 11:11 and as we fervently say our request as we blow our birthday cakes, we believe that things will eventually get brighter and better.

250 Pesos Design lives by the mantra of AD MELIORA (toward better things) and when we look forward to the beauty of tomorrow, we become more inspired and more driven to improve and excel in the design that we do and in the purpose that we ought to live by.


In every goal,
In every step,
In all ways and always,

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