Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this work?

Send your request

Submit your design request anytime.

Pay 250 Pesos

Secure payment of our lowest flat graphic design fee of 250 Pesos.

We go to work

A dedicated professional graphic designer will receive your design request, and get to work. With up to 72-hour turnarounds for practically any deliverable needed, and updates on the project progress, enjoy our amazing and friendly client experience.

You get your files

Your designer will then send you the completed design for review in your requested exported file format. Need a revision? No problem! Message your designer and revisions will be made as soon as possible.

Can my designer really create all of the designs I need?

Yes, our team has experienced and skilled graphic designers. With many years creating a wide variety of professional level designs for all kinds of businesses, both small to medium-sized, each of our designers is more than capable of creating all of the designs we mention on our website.

You can view samples of our work here, as well as our Official Scope of Service here.

When does my designer work?

Upon submission of the design task, one of our designers will be assigned to your project and will have the chance to read through your submission. Once your payment has been settled, your designer will immediately work on your design task to ensure that it will sent to you up to 72 hours. Sometimes, it can easily arrive earlier.

How can 250 Pesos be so inexpensive?

250 Pesos has developed an extremely efficient design process that save tremendous amounts of time and costs. On top of this, each designer is matched with an average of 4-6 projects per day depending on the volume, allowing you to save costs while still getting your professionally crafted designs quickly.

How fast is my designer? What’s the turnaround time?

Most simple projects can be completed up to 72 hours (or sometimes even earlier!), which means that if you have complex projects which require more time and effort, you can expect it to be completed at that time.

I have more than 1 project, can I send it all in one request?

Unfortunately, our system is designed to cater to 1 project at a time. If you have more than 1 request, you can enter another request after successfully submitting and paying for the first request. That way, it will be queued in our system. By doing so, this enables us queue projects properly and ultimately to serve you better.

For bulk projects consisting of 25 requests or more, please inquire about our Design Bundles at hello@250pesos.design.

Are there hidden fees?

Of course, not. We stand by our mission in serving clients with the best of our abilities for a fixed cost of 250 Pesos per design request. Although, there will be minimal payment processing charges during checkout (depending on the mode of payment).

Do I own the rights to the asset I have received?

Yes, you own all rights and licenses to all designs created for you. The materials you have provided for us during the design request submission are assumed to be licensed and owned by you. If those materials are unlicensed, we will not be held liable for the rights of the final design.

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